Director's Message

Director's Message Director
Manish Agrawal

NVIS Hoshangabad provides an educational experience that engenders excellence and all-round development, in an environment that fosters the joy of learning. The school is determined to its aspirations and the enormity of effort required to imbue value in every facet of the school’s endeavours.Our effort has been to ensure that our students imbibe the qualities that would help them balance excellence and academics with creativity and compassion. We are hopeful that consistent efforts in this direction will help us to put this institution in the front of all competitions to emerge as the preferred choice for the students for years to come.  The quintessence of excellence has permeated into every element of the school, be its architectural design, curriculum structure and pedagogical innovations, selection of staff and their professional development, co-curricular life, and parents participation, a school that celebrates the culture of excellence and is an embodiment of values. I am sanguine that the NVIS Hoshangabad will aver the students’ present continuous and future perfect.

I wish all the best to colleagues, friends, students and everybody else who believes in excellence. 

Manish Agrawal