Class I - Class V / Age 5 and 1/2 onwards:


Discover, Joyfully explore the world, ask questions, build basic skills.

 Themes to sense the world - Observe and experience the world through exciting themes like family, festivals, nature etc. that bring together many subjects.

 Communicate - Build a basic vocabulary along with listening and speaking skills, listen to and tell stories, write freely and read with interest.

 Analyze - Understand the concept of numbers and the skill to apply it to basic mathematical operations, counting, classifying and sequencing objects.

Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit - Strengthen a growing body, establish relationships and embrace learning.

The school has separate wing  for tiny tots that has been specially designed to serve the needs of  children. NVIS offers specially designed curriculum at Pre School. At Pre School child skills are developed in a child friendly atmosphere. The stress is focused on imparting knowledge through natural play way and Montessori Method and learn by doing technique. Well decorated &equipped class rooms, smart class aided learning audio visuals facilities, indoor-outdoor games, weekly cultural activities; educational visits are an integral part of curriculum for tiny tots. Emphasis is laid own to nurture physical, intellectual, emotional and sensory development and coordination between brain and muscles. Development of basic skills and love to school provides them strong base for formal education from class I onwards.